Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy of GCL Online shop

GCL online shop promises to deliver your ordered product anywhere in Bangladesh either by own delivery channel or by Third-party.

As per the government regulation, “Digital Commerce Conduct Regulation-2021” (WTO cell, Ministry of Commerce, Circular no: dated 04 July 2021) the products which are under advance payment MUST reach to delivery channel company within 72 hours upon order. Also within the Dhaka city area, the delivery time is specified within 05 days and outside the Dhaka city area the maximum delivery time limit is 10 days. Right time delivery is one of our top priorities and thus we promise to deliver the product to your doorstep according to our made promises. The above promises are conditional based on availability, reachability, and previously mentioned unavoidable circumstances.

There are very few reasons which stop or delay our delivery to you. Natural disaster or pandemic is a common reason for the cancellation or delay of delivery. These reasons affect due to the restriction of movement. The political unstable situation is another reason which disrupts the delivery process. A few more reasons are furnished below:

  • Law & Order situation or government-imposed roadblocks.
  • Too Remote areas or unreachable locations.
  • Road accidents or unintentional product damage.

We eagerly seek the kind patience of our customers in these unwanted situations.

Our super-efficient customer service shall always call you before they start the delivery process to know your mind confirm the information you shared for delivery and share our other information that might have slipped you. An immediate SMS/Email shall be generated to confirm your order placement. Our esteemed third-party delivery service shall attempt 3 times to reach you in case we miss you the first time based on the situation.

If your order could not reach you in the promised lead time or order status has not been updated, below reasons can be the main source of delay -

  1. Floods / Earthquakes/ Weather conditions
  2. Public holidays / Protest / Strikes
  3. Pandemic / Lockdown

GCL Online Shop shall not take any responsibility of the non-delivery if the following reason occurs:

  1. Incomplete / Wrong address.
  2. The customer is unavailable to receive items.
  3. The customer did not respond phone time and again.

Please get in touch with our customer service team and share your order number to know the last update of your order in these situations. Your every response shall be properly checked and dealt with appropriate measure.

There shall be multiple delivery charge in case of multiple orders from multiple Merchant. Though the whole order might be in one single cart but the delivery charge shall depend on different merchant and different location of the product.

We kindly request you to understand that different Merchant has got different location and different product has got different delivery charge based on their weight and dimension. The delivery charges are pre-detected on the web site but for the special sizes and weight our team will contact you and fix up the delivery companies and prices.

After placing an order, the shipping address can’t be changed. However, you may cancel the placed order and re-order with your correct/new address.

To select the correct address please follow these steps below: -

  • Log in to your Gcl Online Shop Account.
  • Click on the 'Chat Now' icon or Contact with Our call center
  • Then a customer care agent will call you to know about the situation and take necessary action.

You should check the product package carefully before taking the delivery to find whether it is already opened or damaged. If you find these situations, please do not hesitate to return it to the delivery personnel showing the causes. If it misses your eyes, we would still request you to contact our customer care for a solution. In such cases the refund and return get extremely difficult but we shall definitely take an attempt to solve the situation in your favor. We believe trying for you is a worth time spending for our customer service personnel. We politely request you to be more careful and be patient in such situation because it is really difficult for us to solve such situation but we shall take an attempt to solve it.

If your order is missing when you have paid a portion in advance, Gcl Online shop shall return your advance within 10 good business days. If you want to rebuy the product then you can always go back to our portal to place new order. The product delivery shall depend on the stock availability of the product. In case of receiving of the package and you find the product missing immediately inform our customer care to inform the situation that they can take quick action